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A reliable print platform performance? Trust HOZ 02i to take you there

PumpPrint With so many decisions to make in today's fast-paced manufacturing environments, there's at least one factor you should be able to count on. Your print platform.

Of course, if you've discovered the profound performance advantage offered by HOZ 02i, you'll know this already. If not, you'll be interested to learn how our high-speed, high-accuracy and high-value print platform has redefined the traditional boundaries of its class.

Driving productivity beyond your expectation...

HawkeyeFeaturing our fully optimised printer frame chassis technology to deliver best-in-class stability and reliability, HOZ 02i from DEK is designed to optimise speed, precision and throughput. What's more, HOZ 02i's rapid set-up and changeover capabilities make it ideal for manufacturers requiring prototyping and first article built at full production yield levels.

Extending manufacturing flexibility even further, HOZ 02i is completely compatible with a wide range of Productivity Tools and options. Take our ProFlow® DirEKt Imaging technology for example. When equipped with the ProFlow® enclosed print head, HOZ 02i can be conveniently adapted for PumpPrinting adhesive deposition.

HD Grid-Lok From our HawkEye™ high-speed print verification technology, to our HD Grid-Lok® high density automatic tooling system, HOZ 02i supports a whole host of leading-edge technologies to meet your every manufacturing need.

Featuring all this and more, HOZ 02i truly is the powerful print platform you know you can trust.

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