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cha!'s client-server/peer-to-peer technology authenticates a user to a server or a user to other users, in real-time. Using this technology any number of parties on the Internet can securely initiate and maintain any communication session in which the identity of the parties is authenticated before, during and after the session.

Using triangulation technology, cha! servers perform machine-level authentication of the parties in order to discern to an extremely high level of accuracy that these are the same machines that participated in a previous session. By leveraging upon this important base, cha! successfully addresses higher levels of authentication, namely the human factor - authenticating the actual users of these machines. An important aspect and concern of the technology is system-wide security - immunity to attack and misuse. It achieves these goals by employing overlapping, mutually supportive network security analogues such as Network Callback and SecurIDô.

cha! has completed development of its gotcha! line of products - full-blown PC applications based on the cha! core technology which facilitate peer-to-peer authenticated communication sessions. With it, Internet users are now able to exchange files, messages and chat that are authenticated in real-time, all the time.

The gotcha! Peer-to-Peer Authentication System Beta Version has been released in November 1997, providing peer-to-peer authentication services to the 4.5 million registered users currently on Mirabilis ICQ, an on-line communication tool. The Alpha Version of the cha! core technology has been released in February 1997.

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cha! Technologies offers its core technology for licensing by 3rd party software developers to be integrated into authentication-aware applications. This is done using a language-independent API which easily facilitates machine-level authentication functionality for any standard software application.

cha! Technologies is also well-positioned and fully capable of initiating an encrypted tunnel between authenticated parties, thus providing a complete security solution. Up until now, on-line tunnelling has been problematic due to uncertainty in the authenticity of the parties at both ends.

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