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Introducing the gotcha! line of products - full-blown PC applications based on the cha! core technology which facilitate peer-to-peer authenticated communication sessions. With it, Internet users are now able to exchange files, messages and chat that are authenticated in real-time, all the time.

Each contact on a user's list is asked to perform machine-level authentication on a regular basis against the cha! server, which in turn returns a status stating one of the following:

Not authenticated - The user shall not be authenticated.

Authenticated (Basic) - The user is authenticated as accessing the network from the same machine used at registration time.

Authenticated (Strong) - Not only is this the initial user/initial machine, but also some or all of the personal information registered by this user has been verified and is considered true. This includes the first and last names of the user.

gotcha! provides a very high degree of security when communicating with known contacts on a regular basis. It assures a message or piece of information is actually sent to the intended recipient.

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