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ICQ (I Seek You) is a product of Mirabilis Ltd. The application enables internet wide users, after registering with ICQ, to create and utilize self-defined lists of friends and associates, notify each other when users are online, initiate real-time chats, exchange files or URL's and send instant messages back and forth.

Mirabilis Ltd. Is an Israeli corporation. Since ICQ was unveiled last November, more than three million users have downloaded the program from the Mirabilis web site:

ISNetworks is situated in the area known as "Silicon Alley" located in New York City. ISNetworks mission is to create, administer and deploy progressive Intranets and Extranets in the modern corporate environment, utilizing the latest available, fully tested technologies and fostering partnerships with like-minded, complementary organizations. This provides our client base with "best of breed" solutions without the requirements and overhead of supporting, training and maintaining a fully qualified internal IS department. I.e., whereas creating a department of individuals with the skill set to tackle an existing technological hurdle may satisfy a present need, it also creates a base of attractive candidates for other companies to hire away - already fully trained and experienced - and at your potential expense.

AltaVista OnSite Computing Solutions provide secure, simple and direct access to information and people over the Internet and private intranets. AltaVista Search, Directory, Tunnel, Firewall, Forum and Mail products give users a competitive edge, enabling productive business to take place from anywhere.

Digital Equipment Corporation
Digital Equipment Corporation is a world leader in open client/ server solutions from personal computing to integrated worldwide information systems. Digital's scalable Alpha and Intel platforms, storage, networking, software and services, together with industry focused solutions from business partners, help organizations compete and win in today's global marketplace.

NetProfit Company, Ltd. was launched by London-born Anthony Jones and Bangkoks own Khuned Sachdev. Both bring wide experience of great depth to the new company, offering their skills to Thai businesses and institutions with the wisdom and foresight to seek expert help in launching on the path to their own Intranet.
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