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cha! Technologies

cha!, a New York based software development company founded in September 1996, is introducing a patented client-server/peer-to-peer technology which authenticates not only a user to a server, but also a user to other users, in real-time. Using this technology, any number of parties on the Internet can securely initiate and maintain a session of data exchange, messaging or chat in which the identity of the parties is authenticated before, during and after the session.

Using proprietary triangulation technology, cha! servers perform machine-level authentication of the parties in order to discern to an extremely high level of accuracy that these are the same machines that participated in a previous session. By leveraging upon this important base, cha! can successfully address higher levels of authentication, namely the human factor - authenticating the actual users of these machines.

An important aspect and concern of all chaRIOT technologies is system-wide security - immunity to attack and misuse. cha! achieves these goals by employing triangulation technology and utilizing overlapping, mutually supportive network security analogues such as Network Callback and SecurIDô, as well as several proprietary fire-wall and routing techniques.

Though data-centric encryption technology can be integrated into such an environment, its necessity and associated overhead is obviated. It can be easily utilized when online tunneling is required.

It is well understood that moving existing data exchange procedures to the digital world will not only expedite them but also significantly reduce their cost. Security concerns have always been the barrier. Until now.

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