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cha! is an Internet technology company based in New York and founded in 1996. The cha! integrated technologies are based on a foundation of machine-level authentication. This gives higher level processes in a system the ability to discern to an extremely high level of accuracy that a machine participating in a present session is the same machine that participated in a previous one. By leveraging on this foundational structure, any software can become enabled to successfully address higher levels of authentication -- thus allowing for secure sessions between known parties.

An extremely important goal of chaRIOT (cha! Real-time Integrated Online Technologies) is system-wide security -- immunity to attack and misuse. chaRIOT achieves this by employing triangulation technology and utilizing overlapping, mutually supportive network security analogues.

In other words, we are not "reinventing the wheel" at cha! (it's more like designing gyroscopes!) -- we are creating truly logical, and not merely technological, solutions.

Though encryption technologies are integrated into the cha! environment, their necessity and associated overhead is designed to be user-configurable -- based entirely on your actual requirement.

NEWS FLASH : cha! and ICQ connect

If you need to know "for sure" who you are communicating with using ICQ then...


Introducing the gotcha! line of products - full-blown PC applications based on the cha! core technology which facilitate peer-to-peer authenticated communication sessions.

With gotcha! and ICQ, Internet users are now able to participate in a chat session, exchange files and send messages that are authenticated in real-time, all the time.

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How cha! authentication works with ICQ

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